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This is as it teaches your child that making a fuss is a good way to get what she wants.

Here are some useful tips on how to discipline your child consistently.

So don't try a new discipline technique just before a new baby arrives, or during a house move.

“You have to wash your hands before you eat because they’re dirty and you could get sick” is a good example of this.

If you’re consistent over time, she should get the message eventually.

Try to get the support of other people your child spends time with, too, such as grandparents.

If your child is at nursery or preschool, talk to her key worker about a particular behaviour you're working on. There may be times when someone else disciplines your child and you don’t agree with them, or wish they’d handled it differently.

It’s completely natural for your child to challenge and even defy you at times.

She's not trying to make you angry, she just wants to explore her world and test her boundaries.It can be invaluable to have backup when you feel frustrated or tired.You and your partner need to agree on what the rules are, and how you’ll enforce them.This will give you both time to get used to the new expectations.Your child may find any changes to her routine hard to handle at first.It can be tempting to give your child a crash course in manners just before a birthday party or a trip to visit relatives.However, you’ll be more successful if you start to enforce a new rule at a quiet time when there’s no pressure.When these situations come up, make sure that your child knows what’s expected of her every time.Be sure to set a good example by following all the rules you make.Your preschooler needs to understand how she's expected to behave, as well as how you’re likely to react to her behaviour.You can help her to learn by being consistent in the way you discipline her. But frequently changing the way you discipline her, or only disciplining her some of the time, will confuse her.

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