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As well as this, she must also think of a creative and meaningful way to decorate her locker, which is a Hollywood Arts tradition.In Stage Fighting, Jade and Tori act in a fight scene, but things go bad when Jade acts as if Tori hit her in the eye with a cane.

When she explains that she did not hit Jade, no one believes her.

Later it is revealed by André that Jade was faking it, with makeup that made her eye look like it was bleeding and made it look like she had a black eye as the aftermath.

In Beck's Big Break, Beck has a small role in a movie, and invites his friends to an open casting call for extras.

Tori accidentally gets Beck fired, so she tries to get him his spot in the movie back.

The two finally agree to play nice and trick a policeman into finishing Tori's punishment of cleaning up after a food fight scene.

In The Birthweek Song, Trina's "birthweek" arrives and Tori can't decide what to get her as a gift.

In Jade Dumps Beck, after Jade ends her relationship with Beck, she seeks Tori's help in getting him back.

In Tori the Zombie, Cat uses Tori as her assignment for a make up class, which is to make someone look horrific.

Jade and Cat are challenged by two girls Hayley Ferguson and Tara Ganz to a sing-off.

But after getting cheated out of the win, they go to Tori for help and they come up with a plan to upstage Hayley and Tara.

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