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“I look back at my old New York life like, ‘Wow, that was so glamorous and a really good time in my life and really fun,’ ” said Mortimer. Lacey Sargent was diagnosed with leukaemia after developing bruising.

“Obviously a red flag would be somebody who can’t control [his] anger.

And I definitely think I need to date someone who is around my age or older.

” In her debut episode, which airs Wednesday, Mortimer is seen running errands like a glorified assistant for co-star Sonja Morgan, who offered to host the disgraced socialite in her Upper East Side townhouse for the duration of filming. Sonja says it gets a little tricky sometimes, and I guess it’s expensive [to operate],” she said.

Life on “Real Housewives” is a bit different from Mortimer’s former days as an uptown party fixture with a blue-blooded husband. “I’m not allowed to speak to Connor, who is her assistant, and lives in the house.

Dating someone younger is not the right thing for me right now,” she said, before adding with a laugh: “But let’s just say I didn’t always stick to my own rules about age [Fanjul is 10 years younger].” Mortimer left Morgan’s pad in March and has been living in a Midtown hotel since, while she decides which neighborhood best suits her new life.

“I’m still an uptown girl,” she reassured The Post.

It happens when an injury crushes small blood vessels but does not break the skin. They start off a reddish color, and then turn bluish-purple and greenish-yellow before returning to normal.

Those vessels break open and leak blood under the skin. To reduce bruising, ice the injured area and elevate it above your heart.

Also, I would see no problem dating anyone under maybe 30 as a max.

A bruise is a mark on your skin caused by blood trapped under the surface. It can take months for a bruise to fade, but most last about two weeks.

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