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Clue dating husband internet

You can create a love note for the last location that directs your lover to a hotel or a restaurant or a place you are hiding in the house.Jessi was a 17-year-old hottie, a long-legged blond who enticed her man Tommy by mailing him gifts of her G-string panties, size small.Montgomery, meanwhile, created a fantasy bio of his own, complete with Marine war stories.

In a letter confronting her husband, Cindy wrote, "What I cannot believe is that you are living out some bizarre fantasy - as father and son." The wife then sent a letter to Jessi that included a family photo, explaining that her husband had been posing as Tommy.

"From what I am pulling from your letters," Cindy wrote, "you are much closer to my daughter's age than mine, let alone Tom's. In this alone, he can be prosecuted as a child predator." Jessi was flummoxed to learn that her fantasy creation had been fooled by another.

Prosecutor Frank Sedita noted, "You can pretend to be whoever you want to be on the Internet." But not in prison.

Montgomery has a transparent identity now at Attica, 20 miles west of the home he shared with his family in Cheektowaga before meeting Jessi online.

They did not get a chance to confirm their relative dimensions since they never met in person.

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But in thousands of e-mails, phone calls and instant messages, the would-be lovers planned their life - Tommy and Jessi 2gethr4evr. In real life, she was Mary Sheiler, a chubby, middle-aged wife and mother who lived in a plain little house in West Virginia.Sheiler began flirting online with Barrett, and the two spread the story of Montgomery's fantasy identity on the Web site and at the factory. "U can say goodbye forever to me and Tommy," he wrote to Jessi. 16, Brian Barrett left work at the factory in Clarence, N. The victim's phone and computer records, as well as factory gossip, led investigators to Tom Montgomery and Mary Sheiler, and the make-believe love of the middle-agers became a crime spectacle.Barrett and Jessi taunted Montgomery with their own budding Web romance, and the three exchanged angry messages for months. 13, 2006, Montgomery sent Jessi an instant message at in the morning: "u r a whore and thats all u will ever be." He followed that with a series of fuming, obscene computer and phone messages over the following two days. Sheiler escaped indictment, so she has not been compelled to answer questions of how she had permitted the creepy fantasy to escalate into violence.Montgomery began telling friends at work that he was leaving his wife to be with his new love in West Virginia. In February 2006, Cindy Montgomery found a stash of lingerie that Jessi had mailed to Tommy.Through computer detective work, she unraveled her husband's Internet relationship with the presumed teenager.Tommy was a war hero - a rock-hard Marine who had served in Iraq.He boasted to Jessi that he had been blessed with prodigious sexual endowment.And he was Tom Montgomery, a balding, paunchy factory worker from the modest Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga. Their make-believe love might not have troubled anyone but their spouses until an innocent third man was drawn in, touching off a Bermuda Triangle of Internet love, with deadly consequences.Peaches and scream Montgomery and Sheiler met online in the spring of 2005 at, a game Web site.At times like these, some feel the Internet can prove extremely useful, not only as a way to find a potential long-term partner, but to alleviate loneliness along the way.While the latest statistics show that 17% of marriages currently result from online dating (a huge increase over the last 10 years), this figure is exponentially higher when one includes the number of people who have created relationships that don't necessarily end up at the altar.

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