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The PAXgene Blood DNA Tube contains a proprietary EDTA formulation.

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For more information on phlebotomy technique, please refer to the PAXgene Blood DNA Tube product circular.They were in fact very closely related to the Minoans they succeeded, DNA from the bodies of four Mycenaeans indicates.Both shared about 75% of their ancestry from Neolithic farmers, with some additional elements from Iran and the Caucasus.It is intended to be used as part of the PAXgene Blood DNA System, which additionally includes the PAXgene Blood DNA Kit. The performance characteristics of this product have not been fully established.The PAXgene Blood DNA Tubes simplify the collection process of whole blood for subsequent DNA purification by enabling collection, immediate stabilization, transportation, and storage of blood samples in the same tube.Samples can then be immediately processed, stored, or shipped within the same tube.Because the PAXgene Blood DNA Tubes are carefully calibrated, the tube draws the 8.5 ml blood needed to maintain the correct additive to blood ratio (0.24) for optimal stabilization.Ancient DNA from Bronze Age Greek human remains has been sequenced for the first time.The findings could transform historical interpretations of the two main cultures that dominated pre-Classical Greece.Greece at that time is often known as the cradle of western civilisation.It was home to the first literate societies in Europe and the world's first democracy.

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