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I wonder if she ever actually uses it or if, similar to the reading nook I insisted on having in my room, it remains cloaked in a layer of dust from disuse.My happiness at discovering new aspects of Gael's sexiness is permanently DESTROYED after it's revealed that Kate Hudson has cancer.

Seth Rogen, another one of Matt's friends, lights his face on fire in the background of a scene, and I'm sincerely worried about his physical well-being.

a.m."Push It" did not save Kate and Ginnifer's friendship or Kate's marriage.

Despite a questionable premise, I'm now hoping for the best.

Matthew is very interested in a piece of a broken plate, and if he likes broken dishes that much, he'd 6 p.m.

Kate plays a fun-loving lady who can't take anything seriously until she receives some news from her doctor ...

I notice that Kate Hudson has a beautiful indoor swing in her apartment.I know she has cancer and her time is limited, but is it bad that I still feel jealous of her?Kate and her mom Kathy Bates decide to plan Kate's funeral, and I'm crying.Kate is wearing pajamas during the daytime and this feels like the clearest indication that her cancer is getting worse.Kate takes her life seriously and tells Gael that she loves him.Kate wins Matthew back with a sincere article and a heartfelt apology.After a quick walk with my dog to make sure my muscles haven't atrophied, I start since I liked it when I saw it in theaters.Contemplate launching an adventure company that doubles as couple's counseling.To quote rom-com legend Julia Roberts, "Big mistake.I realize that Matthew has been wearing a wedding ring this entire movie despite his character being single.Matthew and Kate's relationship disintegrates after their real motivations (a bet and humiliating article, respectively) are revealed.

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