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Fun outdoor dating ideas

The lifetime sport never grows old – even if you and your boo do ;). Hit an Outdoor Movie – Whether you’re in an area where there are drive-ins, poolside, or rooftop movie theaters, odds are there’s a local outdoor spot to catch a film.Check out your city’s parks and beaches too as they often show classic films throughout the summer months. String up a sheet and project a film in the backyard! Camp in the Backyard – Speaking of backyard dates, you can create a faux camp atmosphere with this Datebox!

But if not, seek out a local spot for antiquing where you two can get lost for an hour or two, hunting for records and retro treasures, or perusing the shelves of dusty vintage books. If you're both extra outdoorsy, make it a weekend camping trip in the mountains before the weather gets too severe. If nothing's really speaking to you on the blockbuster front (sometimes the movie lead-up to the holidays feels a little meh), check out an art-house or indie film that will get you slightly out of your comfort zone, but will guarantee a unique shared experience.

A brisk hike is an ideal winter date for adventure-seekers to take in some sights and get in exercise at once (the views! Winter is peak ballet season so it's the best time to nab yourselves tickets to The Nutcracker or Swan Lake.

Nosebleed seats tend to be pretty inexpensive, for the budget-minded, and there are always ticket deals and Groupons in major cities.

And hey, your date night deserves a little more drama (the good kind). If you actually live by a snow resort, forget this idea and grab some skis.

Whip up some s’mores and sip hot cocoa out of the cute mugs in the Adventure Box.

It also includes a candle making kit and a Redbox code for even more activitites!If you can’t find a vineyard, head to a nearby tasting room, where there’s bound to be a fun patio to taste some piñot. Mini Golf – One of the most classic date ideas to test your partner’s competitive gene, a game of miniature golf is always a good idea.Many places offer plenty of other carnival like games or go-kart rides to hit once you’ve mastered the course. The Fair – Outdoor fun & games can be found at more than just the miniature golf course during the summer.A mini lesson in the cooking department is always a win-win.💯 When it’s too cold outside to do anything but curl up towards up the heat, you can *also* bring some in the kitchen.Noteworthy: you can totally use this as a second-date opportunity.“Wanna try this new recipe at my place next weekend? BUY ITYou can really tell a lot about a person by the type of wine they’re into.Sign up for a tasting and brush up on your merlots and cabernets.Head to your local animal shelter and volunteer to take a dog out to play or on a walk!It’s a great way to get some fresh air and get your dog fix without actually committing to adoption. Hike to Picnic – While both a hike and a picnic are great date ideas on their own, together they make for an even more fun (and more romantic! Go at sunset for optimal atmosphere and bring along a bottle of wine and plenty of cheese and crackers to enjoy once you’ve reached the best lookout! Play Tennis – Grab your rackets (or rent them) and hit the courts!Hey, you can even pitch a tent to heighten the experience. Wine Taste – You may be surprised at how many vineyards are within driving distance to your town.For us Los Angelenos, Santa Barbara and Temecula offer plenty of beautiful spots to sit in the sun and sip some wine.

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