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When she first started liking Dean and later dating him, he was worried about her well being.

In the end, despite Justin and Jerry's attempts, magical or not, Alex still got her way in the end like the cunning and naturally gifted wizard she was (despite how reckless and lacking in theory-wise she was at magic, which Justin is, making them somewhat equal as they each lacked a thing or two the other had).

Jerry and Justin got their way in the end by not letting her go with Riley as his date, and this is one of the very few episodes Justin's parent or both parents reprimand him for using magic without supervision, under Alex's manipulation or not.

Justin, like his brother and sister, is part-Hispanic, part-Italian. One time when he complained about not having a friend that was a girl and still just a friend, Alex (Selena Gomez) replied "Oh relax, you still have Mom!

" and in some episodes he is overprotected by Theresa, his mom (Maria Canals Barrera). He is very critical and highly intelligent, and is, in many respects, the polar opposite of the rebellious and mischievous Alex.

He shows awareness of being the most advanced wizard student, and often acts modest because of it, but flaunts it to Alex's face in a show of good older brother humor, and quite a bit of good-natured cockiness towards her.

He also desperately tries to look cool, especially in front of girls, but it almost always comically ends up with the girl he's interested in actually liking things he thought would have made them think of him as a nerd, and at school he is known as everybody's friend, including the teachers and his parents.In season two, he has grown very close to another gifted student, Zeke Rosenblatt.Being so mature (minus his geeky, and sometimes weird love for alien language and robots, along with his amusing way of playing with his action figures that showed his immature side), most of his friends are adults and he has a close bond with all of his teachers. (Tears of Blood) and has a crush on the weather lady from Channel 9.In "Smarty Pants", it is revealed that Justin has a blog, which in the show is alluded to as and beloved outlet for informing the world of events that he considers important in his life.Alex's best friend Harper (Jennifer Stone) has a huge (and often obsessive) crush on him, gets very nervous around him, and often mentions doing odd things like watching him sleep.Although in one episode, Harper and Justin share a love of silent movies, and they bond over it, but then Alex ruins it out of jealousy as she wanted her best friend back, but ultimately tries to fix it in the end to only end with more disaster, until Harper and Justin get revenge on her by being chased around by her in a silent movie of their own through magic, making her feel at peace in the end by believing that made up for everything by their laughter and cheer caused by the silent movie they were in, telling them that since it was finally over, she would take a nap after proclaiming her back hurt.In season one's "The Supernatural", he used magic to impress Kari Landsdorf (Chelsea Staub), a pretty, yet not-very-bright girl—who only dated baseball players and apparently also only liked movies about cats—by making himself look like a gifted baseball player, a plan which backfired when Jerry discovered this (Justin was manipulated by Alex to do the spell in order to make the baseball team win in order to make it seem that she is the good luck charm for her then-crush Riley) and again after Justin and Alex both used the "Tomnoonan kenesis" spell (a spell used to magically move objects) on the baseball.Justin's urge for efficiency also has him over-complicating some special tasks he has, to which he tends to overlook important details that Alex always has to point out to him, unconsciously showing him her hidden intelligence and keen observance with her hidden sense of responsibility that only came up when Justin himself slipped up under all that reckless behavior that most failed to see when she used it as cunning and ways of manipulation, sometimes making him feel insecure, an explanation given in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.Although he had dated a pretty goth girl named Miranda (Lucy Hale) during the first season, this appears to have ended as he tries to impress other girls later in the series.It is also revealed by Harper in the episode "Monster Hunter" that Justin constantly studies using various activities to remember spells, such as texting spells and sending them to himself to memorize.The monster hunting, however, puts his vampire girlfriend, Juliet in danger when Justin accidentally reports her and her parents to the Monster Hunter Council but it was resolved.

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