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It's singing in each liquid moment if we be present and truly witness.Awakening people to this imminent magic - this wild enchantment - is essential if we're to stop being passive bystanders of fate, waiting for the 'big parent' or someone 'out there' to save us.She isn't even able to keep in touch via email with the friends she already has.

Henning jonat dating profile canada

Dear brothers and sisters of the earth, air and waters please forgive us our trespasses.

Sincere apologies for this and thanks for your understanding.

For All Our Relations SPRING 2017 Make Every Day Mother's Day From One Mother to Another We can make every day Mother's Day by: Not eating another creature's beloved babies, Not using another's offspring as a commodity or expendable item, Not stealing their milk, Not taking and using their skin or fur, Not referring to them as 'it', Not hunting them down or experimenting on them, Not condemning them to a life of misery, in captivity. Asking Forgiveness This spring equinox we can renew our connection with all our relations, be they human or non-human, seen or unseen. Forgiveness for spoiling the air with vehicle, plane and industrial emissions and for geoengineering/solar radiation management/stratospheric aerosol spraying, Forgiveness for filling the atmosphere with electromagnetic microwave signals/ frequencies and that cause damage and disorientation, Forgiveness for encroaching on and appropriating the shared green spaces, brutally taming the wild with monoculture and destroying biodiversity with genetically modified crops, Forgiveness for filling the oceans with plastic and poison, Forgiveness for treating our precious creature-kin as expendable - as inferior beings, slaves or possessions.

The next book in this series is concerned with another theme close to Poppy's heart - the magic inherent in the everyday.

The book will be called 'Enchantment is All About Us' (which can, of course, be read in two ways.) Magic isn't just something that happened 'back then' in a mythical realm so unlike this one, created by special people.

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