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Richfaces progress bar not updating

As such, each time a request is sent, the data from the requesting component’s parent JSF form is submitted along with the XMLHttp Request object.

This book is a guide to the various components available in the Rich Faces 4.5.18-SNAPSHOT framework.

It includes descriptions of the role of the components, details on how best to use them, coded examples of their use, and basic references of their properties and attributes.

Components can be referenced by their id identifier alone, or by their client Id identifier to make locating components more efficient.

render example shows both ways of referencing components.

Components can also be identified through the use of Expression Language ( EL).

If the bypass Updates attribute is set to true, the Update Model phase of the request processing lifecycle is bypassed.

When set to true, the ignore Dup Responses attribute causes responses from the server for the request to be ignored if there is another similar request in the queue.

This avoids unnecessary updates on the client when another update is expected.

These attributes can be altered to customize the behavior of the component if necessary.

The Rich Faces Ajax script is built on a base of the JSF 2 Ajax script.

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