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Things that were especially difficult for me to understand and caused some problems early on: On most first dates, you bring along a girlfriend or else you seem easy.

Asking a guy out (even as friends) is coming on very strong.

It is likely your man is already defying his family just by taking his relationship with you seriously enough to introduce you to them.

Hence, you will not be expected to always act like a Korean girl or daughter-in-law.

This is nice because trying to fill these roles could be a very huge burden for the women's liberation-minded Westerners. are ethnically Korean or an adoptee) or can speak Korean well (especially if your relationship is conducted in Korean) this exemption does not always apply.

For example, two members of my swing club seemed to be like a couple on our last MT, so I asked them if they were dating and how long.

They'd been dating 10 months and were only just last month telling us about it.

My co-teacher last year dated her husband for nearly 10 years before marrying him.

Her parents didn't know about her relationship until about a year before they wed.

Most Korean men cannot or will not marry a foreign woman.

This is especially true with first or only sons and men in their late twenties who have a good job and are from wealthier families (as they are considered top-pickin's by Korean standards, and their mothers will be a lot less open-minded because no one is ever good enough for their little prince, especially not some dirty foreign, girl who doesn't even know how to make 된장찌개! There are some very unfortunate, general prejudices Koreans have about the purity of the Han race.

However in international relationships, you have to make up new rules or it just won't work.5.

Koreans are quick to forgive foreigners' cultural mistakes.

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