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There were no modern electronic devices, no social media, nothing you could disappear into other than books or your imagination.We climbed trees, leaped across creeks, and swam in the lakes.

2 males 10-15, 2 males 15-20,2 males 20-30, 1 female10-15 and 1 female 15-20. Sampson's widow Louisa is still living in 1880 at Lead Mines, Wythe, Va stating that she was 82 (born in 1797-98) and living with her son Andrew (42) and his sister Mary (43). Church, Fairfield Co., SC Children of DAVID BLAIR and MARY ? Andrew states he was born in Ky, while Louisa and Mary state that they were born in VA. I'm not directly related to the Cameron family, but to the Blair family of Fairfield Co., SC. I have identified some of David Blair's children, and they are: Adam B. 2, 1853 Sampson Blairmarried Louisa and died in Wythe, Va. 1910 Virginia Wythe Porters crossroads District 144 Sampson L Blair 48 Nellie (? They had 8 sons, and 2 daughters, and their descendants are your cousins. ) 35 Mary 64 Martha 39 next to John Blair 30 Louisa 25 1870_Fort Chiswell, Wythe, VA Louisa is 70 living in Andrew 25 Mary S 30 They are one space away on the census from William Blair 68 Nancy 52 Daniel Blair 27 Jerome Blair's family is two spaces further down 1880 Lead Mines, Wythe, Virginia Louisa 82 Andrew (son ) 43 KY Mary (sister) 40 1890 Census was destroyed 1900 census is still being cataloged. Notes for THOMAS ROSS BLAIR: Thomas Ross Blairdied Nov 3, 1849 age 30 years Columbia Newspapers: the South-Carolinian THE SOUTH-CAROLINIAN Departed this life on the 3d inst., at Mr. My Thomas Blair's son, William Blair, married Sarah Mc Connell, and Thomas' daughter Nancy married William Mc Connell, and the fact that David's son Thomas Ross Blair, stopped at the William Mc Connell's house on the way from Columbia, leads me to believe that your David and family were related to us. Thomas Ross Blair, aged thirty years, six months, and nine days. in good health, in company with his father and some friends, and on the evening of the 1st inst., was taken with a slight chill, terminating in congestion of the stomach, which lasted but a few hours before it ended his career. I've been looking for others who are related to this Blair family. They are buried in the Salem Presbyterian Church cemetery in Blair, SC, and I have attached photographs of their tombstones. ) Virginia45 b in VA Andrew 19 b in KY Next to her (all born in VA) are Thomas Blair 49 Stacy 41 Mary 15 Gordon 13 Jane 11 Andrew 10 Susan 8 William 6 James 7 Thomas 10 Next to Thomas (all born in VA) are William 39 Nancy 42 another page has And (Andrew? DAVID1 BLAIR was born 1780 in Fairfield Co., SC, and died in Fairfield Co., SC. Blair, IV on 9-6-04 Hi George, I have found the father of your ancestor, James B. 1776 d April 18, 1850 in Blair, Fairfield County, SC. Notes for SAMPSON BLAIR: I could find nothing on Sampson in 1840 but I have a James Blair, William Blair, and a Jerome Blair Here's what I have for Sampson in 1850 Sampson Blair 47 1802 Virginia Male District 68, District 68, Wythe, VA Louisa 52 James 18 Elizabeth 16 Mary S 14 Daniel 12 Andrew S or J 10 Next to him is William Blair 49 Nancy 32 1860___________________ District 68 Louisa 61 James 27 Betsy 23 Mary 22 Jerome Blair 39 Emily 29 Isabella 8 Robert 1 Margaret 58 mom (Isabella's mom? Apparently, David was a wealthy man, owning two plantations. The only way to determine if they (and thus you and I) are related, is for you to have your DNA tested. I am number 13050, and the results of the tests compared to others who matched are here: you are related to me, your line can be traced back to the eleventh century. It is easy and painless, and I will be happy to provide assistance. I tracked down a few of his children: THE SOUTH-CAROLINIAN Newspaper Died, in Attala County, Mississippi, on the 2d September, 1853, after an illness of twenty-five days, Adam B. I suspect that David Blair's father was Adam Blair, born between 17 because they appear next to each other on the census, and David named his son Adam. More information is here: Best regards, Dru Blair [email protected] I didn't photocopy David Blair Sr.'s will, due to the poor quality of the copies, but I did write down relevant info. Daughter Mary Jane Blair (named after David's wife) Son David "who remained with me and had taken care of me and my plantation and interests." Son Sampson wife Louizan (difficult to read) and her son William. Blair, in the forty-second year of his age, of typhold fever, leaving a wife and child to mourn his loss.

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