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Spiritual leadership in dating relationships

Never again will you have to "talk" about a problem and haul out your old relationship communication skills.

Now your relationship communication can all be pleasant!

The answer is, you find a loving action, an action that will both make you a more spiritually behaving person and make an impact on your relationship.

For example, one Loving Action is to "Act As If." When you are angry, you can, as a deliberate spiritually-motivated experiment, choose to behave in a loving, rather than an angry way.

A second piece of good news about Spiritual Partnership is that it does not require extra time.

It is simply a new way of approaching what you are already doing.

She opened up about how she was struggling with some specifics in her relationship, namely–that her husband wasn’t a “spiritual leader”.

She used that tern as she went on to explain that in their relationship- he had never really initiated bible study or devotions.

Each of the eight Loving Actions In the book, I also take considerable time to define what I mean by "spiritual" (as a way of starting a dialogue on the subject.) To be spiritual, I submit, is to recognize your connection to the universe and to everyone and everything in it, and to strive each moment for the thoughts and actions that will increase and not decrease this connection.

Your spiritual journey is your own personal journey Each of the Eight Loving Actions gives you a concrete, easy-to-learn, way to put these values into action in your daily life.

When Robert was late for dinner without calling for the fourth time in a row, Cheryl was (justifiably, some might say) furious.

But when he finally arrived, instead of assaulting him, or trying one of her relationship communication techniques, she greeted him with a kiss and you-must-be-exhausted-what-kept-you-so-late, and she handed him a glass of wine.

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