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Stalking and Harassment Unfortunately, using the internet is a way for cyber bullies and individuals who are angry to mock others, harass them, and do so without little to no consequence.

Stalking and harassment is growing in trends due to the social nature of using the internet in everyday life.

Be sure to read and review all terms and conditions for new programs, mobile apps, and software prior to installing them on your computer or mobile device to keep from obtaining unwanted spyware or potential viruses.

Phishing involves a scammer or online thief collecting data and information from users after they have entered it on a URL that looks similar to a website they are familiar with logging into each day.

Avoid getting trapped in a phishing scam yourself by always verifying the URL when you are logging into a website or blog, regardless of the type of site you are trying to access.

Whenever you want to become a new member of an online community, blog, or even a social network, it is important to secure your profile from displaying personal information or identifiers to potential stalkers and individuals who have bad intentions.

Keeping from sharing too much information or detail with complete strangers online is always advisable, especially if you are new to the internet or just getting started with social networking and blogging.

The internet has rapidly evolved in less than a decade, exploring a variety of social platforms and communication facets for individuals from around the world.

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However, with the increase in communication and connectivity, the internet has also become a breeding ground for online scammers, thieves, and even dangerous criminals.

Catfish Cases and Potential Online Dating Dangers Dating online is no longer taboo and has millions of individuals from around the world hooked, especially with the thousands of online dating communities available to choose from today.

Although online dating has worked out for many couples in the past, staying aware of surroundings and those you chat with online is essential to keep yourself from potential dangers, threats, harassment, and even stalking.

Any time you are entering secure and sensitive data into an online form or website, be sure to verify the website itself is using a SSL certificate, or secure sockets layer certificate to keep all of your information from being exposed to displayed publicly and to anyone who gains access to the site themselves.

Checking the URL on a website is essential whenever you are making a purchase, entering credit card information, or even storing your full name and address within a website for future reference to keep all of the data you share confidential and only accessible to you.

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