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Updating network printer

Internals began the 6xx series with the release of the 600n, multi-protocol card that supported TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DLC/LLC, and Apple Talk over a token-ring network; along with the 1760x series external print server - also multi-protocol.

An Ethernet version of the 600n was released in 1998. 1998 also saw the release of 170x, the first value-line print server aimed at smaller companies that did not necessarily need full networking - only TCP/IP or IPX/SPX support.

Updating network printer

LIO (Low-end I/O) interfaces were developed by HP as a corporate response to the strictly internal MIO and EIO development path.Jetdirect is based on HP's MIO (Modular Input/Output) interface, which was designed from the ground up with the IIIsi to create a mainstream full function high performance networked printer.The initial MIO interface card had Ethernet and Token Ring physical layer variants and used various networking protocols over an AUI/BNC connection.App Socket is a protocol that was developed by Tektronix that is very similar to HP Jetdirect.HP Jetdirect was first introduced in March 1991 (code named Quick Silver) with the Laser Jet IIIsi network printer (code named Eli).The "Jetdirect" designation covers a range of models from the external 1 and 3 port parallel print servers known as the 300x and 500x, to the internal EIO print servers for use with HP printers.The Jetdirect series also includes wireless print server (Bluetooth, 802.11b and g) models, as well as gigabit Ethernet and IPv6-compliant internal cards.The BT1300 is a Bluetooth compliant network adapter for network-ready parallel or USB printers.(Discontinued) The Print Server Appliance 4250 is perhaps the most ambitious of the Jetdirect products - being a complete printing facility in a box.This model featured a new chipset manufactured in Singapore that had a problem related to either overheating or data overload.Otherwise known as the ASIC issue, this meant the 615n card could fail without warning, and when it failed, would completely shut down, appearing to vanish from the printer entirely.

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