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Facetune combines the more serious parts of Photoshop (minus the 400,000 features no one knows how to use) with a similar platform to many other editing apps an easy-to-use experience.

Feel free to chisel your cheekbones, trim your waist or give yourself baby soft skin, if that’s what you’re into.

What it does: Take all the work out of the editing process because this app literally does it all. Cost: Free What it does: This is the go-to app for anyone who is anyone on Insta.

The main feature is the ability to cut out manual editing and simply remove all unwanted bags, spots and blemishes from your face in one fell swoop. It’s pricey (by app standards), but skip your morning Starbucks run and prepare to take full advantage of the investment.

Add videos to your story and see who views them or upload from your camera roll and use as many live face effects as needed to create a fun selfie.

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Cost: Free What it does: For an immersive experience, VSCO users can create an account to post their pics while enjoying the benefits of the in-app editing tools.costars, the actress opened up about how she’s had similar experiences as her character Jane in the new Amazon drama, which is based on a true story that inspired Lynn Povich’s book by the same name. I’m his researcher, and we’re pretty equal and we’re a great team and good partners, but he always says: ‘So, what are you doing later? ’ ” explained Camp, 34, before admitting that she’s found herself in similarly uncomfortable situations. ” Camp says the series, which takes place in a 1960s newsroom and tracks a group of young female researchers making the revolutionary request to be allowed to write, will bring much of these issues to light.“I’m happily married now, but [I have had moments] on sets where I have been shooting a scene with someone, it’s going very well, but I can tell … “I think that’s something that the women who worked at [magazine] had to do that dance all of the time,” she said.Check out the hair tab to see if you really do look good blonde before hitting the salon or add highlights to your selfie for that “I have the time and money to get fresh colour” look.Cost: Free in-app purchase What it does: Kind of like Snapchat, Snow is a video sharing app that allows you to add cute filters, text and drawings to share with friends both individually and in group chats.A baby, Gabriel, had his picture shared on Reddit after his mum used an app called You Cam Makeup to add terrifying cosmetics to his face.The pictures quickly went viral, as Gabriel was turned from a normal baby into a terrifying, made-up one.The mother — who goes by the name Unicornreality on Imgur and Reddit, but is really called Fiona — was concerned that users would mistake the baby for having really been made up, rather than the pictures being drawn in an app.But that was perhaps testament to the realism of the app’s effects, which are almost indistinguishable for a real baby that has had make up applied to its face.Or just add a little extra mascara to tired eyes—we’re not judging.Cost: .49 What it does: For a serious makeover, this app has over 100 different preset makeup options for even the most beauty-challenged among us.

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